Keeping Your Off Road Heavy Equipment Productive!

Loader Scales

Wastes of time and materials is something every business fights to stay on top.  When we came across this RMT/VEI outfit, the potential to help our customers was obvious by:

  • preventing overloads and underloads at the Truck Scale.
  • productivity of the Loader(s).
  • productivity of the Operator(s).
  • inventory control.
  • invoicing audit trail.
  • one-step blending.
  • verification of other Scales.
  • wireless communications if needed.
  • web-based monitoring and sharing of information in multiple offices or locations.

Installation fittings and hardware are preselected for your specific machine in advance of shipping. We can tailor a plan to fit the size and ambition of your operation.  



• Programmable maximum load
• Loader/excavator selection and monitoring
• Loading/unloading cycle management with axle weighing
• Fully automatic
• DLogger port for pocket size data memory or real-time remote data transmission
• Prevent overload and safeguard tire wear



 Innovative wireless, in-motion weighing!

Our new -

Articulating Dumper Scale

  • Get the same performance as our standard dumper scale.
  • Uses the same Millennium 5 integrator as featured with our Loader Scale System.

Is It Right For You?

Let's get started!

Mass Technologies Inc. is dedicated to keeping it simple.  It starts with:

  • make/model # of the Loader/Dumper(s).
  • an idea of your goals.
  • a site visit if you want

From there, we'll help you maximize the productivity potential of a Loader/Dumper Scale System and develop a proposal for your consideration.  Factory Trained Technicians from Mass Technologies will install the system(s) and train all involved to get everything off and running quickly and hassle-free! 

Mine to Site Dynamic Weighing Specialists

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