June 1st


Installation of the Track Vision system: Click here


Mine to Site Dynamic Weighing Specialists

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April 23rd

VEI Loader Scales Showcased

Nice write up in Construction Equipment Magazine:  Click here.   


New Products:

  • VEI has released it's new Payload Monitoring System for Articulating Dump Trucks.  Payload weight can be accurately measured to optimize the loading and transport process.  There's even an optional telematics package should you wish to better manage fleet performance.  Contact us and we'll work up a proposal for you.
  • Ever have to climb down off of your equipment to clean your cameras?  We now have a solution for that.  Watch the video for Orlaco's new ATVC self-cleaning Camera.

  •  Recent changes made by TxDMT and other State Agencies has created the need to accurately weigh individual axles on over-the-road motor carriers (HB2741). Transporting industrial minerals, concrete and heavy machinery is definitely affected. Zero-tolerance overweight penalties become significant. Mass Technologies Inc. is now proudly a Distributor for Vulcan On-Board Scales. This positions readily to our "Mine to Site" line-up of Conveyor Belt and Load Out Scales, On-Board Weighing Scales for (Off Road - Skid Steers, Loaders, Dumpers, Grapples) and now (Over-the-Road Transports of all kinds),



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Look no further than MASS Technologies Inc, Texas' leader in Industrial In-Motion Weighing and Personnel & Process Safety. We make it work for you. 


MASS Technologies Inc was founded in 1997 by our current CEO, Don Conrad.  Heavy Industries in Texas have seen a lot of change with the arrival of the 21st Century.  Technology has opened up a vast array of new methods to optimize productivity and safety.  However, it doesn't mean anything  if you can't rely on an accurate  instrument.  Errors in measurement negate all  improvement if the measurement devices we rely upon are not correctly selected, applied and maintained.  We are dedicated to ensure that doesn't happen in your operation. 

Jan 29th

TRACK-VISION camera system named in the CONTRACTOR'S TOP 50 NEW PRODUCTS FOR 2013

Dec  30th

Vulcan On-Board Scales added. 

We are now a Distributor!  OTR weighing to help comply with new Texas law HB2741.


Aug  6th

120 Belt Scales Now Under a Service Contract in Texas.   

Our Service Engineer, Mike Solek announced today that we are now routinely servicing 120  of our Customer's Belt Scales Systems.