The Work Horse of Belt Scales

 Thermo Scientific* Ramsey belt scale systems

Mass Technologies Inc. partnered with ThermoRamsey for a specific reason.  We wanted to provide  belt scale systems that are proven  to be consistently  accurate (0.125 - 1%), ruggedly reliable and backed by a group of people (like us) with years of experience. We like to offer the best.

   A highly accurate and reliable operating Belt Scale requires a few steps and Mass Technologies will make sure you are covered:

  • a realistic assessment of the application.
  • a rugged system which is designed and configured for the application.
  • proper installation and set up.
  • a regular maintenance schedule.
  • an awareness of process changes and other activities which may affect the system.










Mass Technologies Inc. also provides and has extensive experience with Weigh Feeders,   Loss-in-Weight/Volumetric Feeders,   Solids Flow Meters and   Silo & Tank Weighing Systems . 


We Come to You.

service and support

From complete Mine or Plant Surveys to Scheduled Maintenance Programs, Mass Technologies Inc. is ready to custom design a program that  works for your world.  We're MSHA Certified, insured and trained for whatever environment we might encounter in Mining and Coal-fired Utilities within Texas and beyond.  We service all Belt Scale Brands and have amassed quite a few tricks to nurse along lower end scales.

Certified Belt Scale Systems are Available!

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